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Kiwanis Club of Erie | volunteer in Erie

Kiwanis Club of Erie

2024 Erie Kiwanis Diners Card information As of 

July 1, 2024 the Kiwanis Diners Card will be $15.00

Join us on our ZOOM Meeting Tuesday's at Noon


Call us: 814-455-6069 x300


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The Kiwanis Club of Erie is a thriving organization of service-minded women and men who are helping everyday to improve our community.

Our members are ordinary people who perform extraordinary "hands-on" work. We are passionate about making a difference. Helping kids grow and succeed is at the heart of everything we do. We believe our neighborhoods and our world are best served when people of all ages and different backgrounds work together to share their time and talents. 

Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children through local service projects. 


Our members are from all walks of life and represent various careers. 

Core Values

Our Core Values are to Help Kids, Build Positive Relationships, Always Improve, Donate and HAVE FUN..



You are invited to join us any Tuesday at noon for our weekly speaker series. If you cannot make noon meetings, no problem, most of our service projects are after work. Keep reading to find out more information about us. We meet via zoom and would love to have you zoom in with us. 

Joining Kiwanis

Erie Kiwanis is always looking for new volunteers. We meet on Tuesday's via a hybrid mode; in person is at noon at Community Shelter Services, if interested in joining us via zoom contact cathy@szy,com  We also work on many projects in our community to help make a difference in the lives of those in need. If you are interested in finding out more information, contact

volunteer in Erie

Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Pennsylvania State Police Camp Cadet Program

Our club supports Camp Cadet financially and as volunteers. This program has been very rewarding for our members.

Student Recognition

During the months of January-May, our club recognizes students from area schools. Each year the students we recognize literally beam with pride in front of the audience and list thier accomplishments and future plans.


In addition, each of the teachers express their gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to recognize their graduating students publicly. One lessor known aspect of this program is, that they do not need to recommend their top-most students.


Our members love to read to children. Kiwanians can be found throughout Erie County reading to students of all ages. We believe reading to children is important for their future success. If your school or organization needs guest readers, please contact a Kiwanian to arrange for help.

Service Leadership Programs

The Kiwanis Club of Erie Proudly Sponsors Four Clubs focusing on Service – Leadership – Fellowship

Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis teaches young leaders new ways to change the world by serving one child and one community at a time. As a Kiwanis member, you have the privilege of serving and guiding these young leaders.


The Kiwanis Club of Erie sponsors Key Club at Cathedral Preparatory High School K-Kids at Benjamin Wiley Charter School and the Aktion Club at the Barber National Center.

These clubs include young adults and adults who perform thousands of service hours to our community each year. Projects include food drives, ringing the Salvation Army bells, feeding the needy, Relay for Life, Soldiers and Sailors Home


Many leadership opportunities exist within each club including executive officer positions, committee chairs and project leaders.


If you want to invest in our future and be actively engaged in the community of young people helping them become the leaders of tomorrow, come join us! It’s fun, it’s exciting and it feels good too!

Kiwanis volunteer Erie

Changing our Community

Changing our Community

Emmaus Soup Kitchen

Our club supports the Emmaus Soup Kitchen financially as well as volunteering there 1-2 times a month. Our members prepare a nutritional dinner, serve the dinner and visit with the people coming for dinner. Our members know many of the Emmaus guests by their first names and provide them with much needed items such as mittens and hats throughout the winter season.

Kiwanis Village

Kiwanis Club of Erie sponsors Kiwanis Village. The goal of the Kiwanis Family Village is to provide family style temporary emergency housing units where nuclear families can remain together while utilizing the services provided by Community Shelter Services in the Emergency Shelter. These families will have access to facilities for meals as well as caseworker services and all normal programming at the shelter. Units contain a small bathroom as well as room for two bunk beds and a desk or table. 

Youth Sports

Kiwanis Club of Erie believes in keeping our youth active, safe and learning to work as a team. A few of the youth sports we sponsor include Spoons League.

Kiwanis volunteer Erie

Changing the World

Changing the World

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated in improving the world one child and one community at a time. 


UNICEF and Kiwanis International have teamed up again for the Eliminate project. The goal is to eliminate Maternal Neontal Tetanus  -  a deadly disease that steals the lives of approximately 49,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. Kiwanis set a goal to raise 110 million dollars in pledges and donations over a three year period. We reached the goal. The vaccinations will continue. While MNT has been eliminated in countries like India, China and Ghana there are still twenty-one other countries where the disease has not been totally eliminated.


Iodine Deficiency

Approximatley twelve years ago, Kiwanis International was involved with Unicef in a program called Iodine Deficiency Disorder. We raised $100 Million ollars for salt Iodization, testing, monitoring and community outreach. Due to these efforts, approximaltey 80 million children in the devloping world will be born free of IDD this year--the leading preventable cause of mental disability.

Servie Leadership Programs

Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis enables its youngest leaders to serve their communities, opening doors for them to change the world.

Kiwanis members have the privilege of serving and guiding these young leaders.

Kiwanis Kids

Kiwanis Kids has three programs for students between the ages of 6 and 12: K-Kids, Bring Up Grades (BUG), and Terrific Kids.

Builders Club

A leadership program for middle and junior high school students.

Key Club International

The largest high school service leadership organization in the world.


Key Leader

Is a weekend experience for teens designed to empower emerging student leaders.


Circle K International

A global service organizatoin for college students.


Aktion Club

Adults living with disabilities to participate in community service projects, gain leadership skills and become more involved in society.

While Having Fun

While Having Fun


Kiwanis Club of Erie loves working hard in your community. We also love getting together socially. Pizza party's, bowling, field trips and tours of local companies in Erie, birthday parties, baby showers, baseball games, basketball games, hockey games  -  are just a few of our favorite activities. Life long friends are made in our club.


Let's face it, getting involved with an organization is an investment in your future, and networking is an important part. The power and potential of any network is built on the trust, value and the contribution that is invested into it. Kiwanis is a global network making an incredible contribution to our community and what better way to network than with a group of volunteers.


Explore the Kiwanis culture. Kiwanis clubs are volunteer based. The meetings offer an atmosphere of fun. learning and fellowship. Kiwanis members typically volunteer each month to assist with club service projects - both locally and globally - and Kiwanis members dedicate more than 12 million hours of service.

New members bring fresh energy and ideas to Kiwanis clubs. We invite you to reach out and get involved. Together we can change the world, one child and one community at a time.

Kiwanis volunteer Erie

For more Information contact or 814-455-6069 x300

Kiwanis Club of Erie

PO Box 3715

Erie, PA 16508

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